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Heechul’s Instagram vague Trans:

Although he is not my blood brother… My brother Lee Sung Min whose number is still saved as “Danhobak” in my phone.

"Please cook[I think its supposed to be buy?] more danhobak, its finishing soon^-^" this phrase… I forgot kekeke

Sungmin who had always been quiet and have never had any scandals is really busy for the first time today.

..^-^ I have something to say.

"Ya! Even though Sungmin is a flower, you can’t hit him!"

That’s right, our sungmin is a flowe, my face(is a flower, yesyes) can’t be hit too. keke. 

I don’t know if I have been too over(?) with this album. Although our members are pretty tired but we are happily relying on each other. We will be like this too in the future. So every one lets hold hands like brothers and sisters for a long time together!! 

I fear saying these mushy things but its our Sungmin… Sungmin who usually never cries… 

"Hyung,. sorry… sorry to the fans too… and to the members.." 

Such words made me feel depressed… 

Even though the road that danhobak is going isn’t smooth, we shouldn’t let him walk down a path with thorns~ 

I love you!![I think to his members]

Kim Heechul who can’t even make a heart properly T_T 

Bbuing bbuing~

Kr to Chi : @MMMMiya

Chi to Eng: fayerielf

Ya! I am back after a long time because our Danhobak needs us right now.
As long as our Sungmin oppa is happy and the girl treats him right we should be happy for him. Not doubt her or hate on her or worse yet give up on him because he is our brother. 

Even though I have changed bias over the years but he is and always will be my danhobak doll. 

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Skelita Custom

A year after having plans for her, I am finally able to put her together. I never liked covering Skelita’s amazing body so I wasn’t too inspired by the clothes we had until EAH and Raven came along.

Sapphire has a full pastel face up as my MSC Flat sealant does not dry matte on her face and I wasn’t able to use colour pencils directly on her face (anyone else have the same problem?) I kinda like how she turned out soft and dreamy though. I rerooted her with heat resistant hair extensions I got for cheap at taobao.

She also has a sapphire blue Swarovski crystal heart embedded in her chest.

I created her in honour of Super Junior and our pearl sapphire blue ocean.

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A few more things…

It is kinda disturbing that people jump into conclusions that that is a after-sex photo.

Just because “many teenagers have sex too” does not make that photo a after-sex photo.

Just because they are celebrities and thus see many other gorgeous people does not mean that they fuck around like rabbits.

Just because people in your country act one way does not mean that people from S.K. act like that too.

Just because you sleep around does not mean that it is a norm for everyone else.

Just because it is ok in your country does not mean that your ideals should be applied to another. Especially one that is asian and still holds on to traditions.

Just because others don’t jump into conclusions like you do does not mean that they are delusional. 



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Not sorry for not feeling sorry

Seriously I am soooo pissed off by the idiots bashing on ELF right now. 

First of all, get your facts right before you bash on us.

1. ELF are not hating on IU due to the fact that she could be dating Eunhyuk

2. ELF are not jealous

Don’t you just love how netizens and IU fans just jump into conclusions thinking that ELF are angry at IU because they are “jealous fangirls”. 

Lee Hyuk Jae is 27, he can date or fuck whoever the fuck he wants and we can’t do anything about it. That we know. I don’t know which fucktard decided that ELF are not aware of this and mentioning this over and over again.

AND because we believe in the fact that Lee Hyuk Jae should be free to date whomever, I don’t think him or the other party needed to explain anything at all. The whole “scandal” blew over half a year ago so I don’t get why that girl has to bring it up again. And don’t tell me that it was the program that brought it up and not her. If her company had disallowed that tv program to ask such questions(yes if you don’t know companies can make such requests), it would not have been brought up again and every one would have been able to go on and forget everything.

If anything, the reaction towards this whole resurfacing of that “scandal” is proof that it should have just been buried and forgotten. 

So I can’t say that I am even a tad bit sorry for IU. She was the one who posted the photo even if it was unintentional(giving her the benefit of the doubt), but it was a mistake that she made and she should be held responsible. But what did she do? She avoided everything when it matters the most and then only decided to bring it up again when everything was almost forgotton. 

ONCE AGAIN, contrary to what those fucktard netizens accuse of us, ELF do not think that our oppa is as pure and innocent, it is none of our business if he is a virgin or a man-whore. But I am pissed off over the fact that IU did not step up to responsibility even when she knew that it was her mistake for posting the photo. As much as fans want to say that their private lives are their business, as public figures, some sort of explanation and apology is needed to disperse the unhappiness caused by her mistake. Both have young impressionable fans who look up to them and even as you want to apply your liberal western views on them, South Korea is still a traditional asian country. But nope, she chose to keep mum and avoid it until half a year later. So people can’t help but be wary of her intentions. Even more piss-worthy is the fact that IU’s fans are pointing their fingers at Hyuk Jae for “not coming out to protect” IU. She was the one who made the mistake of posting the photo, his silence was respectful and protective enough in this situation.

ELF don’t get pissed off at you until you do something to threaten or hurt the people we love. Naturally IU’s uncle fans and such started to bash on HyukJae who really did nothing wrong but just befriend IU, and so don’t expect ELF not to be mad. 

I had enough of the people in the SJ and ELF hate bandwagon as well as the people who can’t stop talking rubbish about how people should stop being mad at IU because “She is a girl and her image is ruined while he can bounce back easily”. Neither ELF nor Hyuk Jae started this whole bullshit, and neither did ELF nor Hyuk Jae bring it back up. ELF just merely responded to the selfish irresponsible actions of others and their company and I don’t think we deserve the flak we are getting right now. Its like you’re throwing rocks at a lion and then later blaming it for attacking you. 

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Dear @United_ELF

I feel that your whole petition wasn’t to PROTECT SJ’s RIGHTS. There is no need to protect when nothing is being threatened.


Your petition is just a baby’s cry for attention because you feel insecure that your standing in the fandom as ELF who still perpetuate the ideals of pioneer K-ELF is being threatened. You just want assurance that your ideals are still relevant at the expense of Zhoumi’s and Henry’s feelings. I bet it feels good that Hyukjae reaffirmed publicly that Zhoumi and Henry will never be part of Super Junior’s official activities because it feeds your ego.

No one is threatening Super Junior’s rights so your presumptuous “protection” is not needed. You are just afraid that your “pure-ELF” privilege is threatened because you feel that people are bluuring the lines between SJ and SJM. 

Everything was all just in your head. 

- ELF who is sick of your attention seeking ways

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My Thoughts yamalx’s Post + THAT Petition

I am but a small voice in this huge fandom but my opinions and thoughts are mine and mine alone. I speak for myself.

First of all I am in no way trying to demean or belittle the efforts of many pioneer ELF before me, an ELF (if I dare say so) who joined only in 2009. I know of the painstaking efforts of pioneer ELF who fought hard to keep SJ as one permanent band and getting rid of the “graduation” concept. What I feel however is that many of these only13 ELF are too stuck in the past and it is hurting both other fans as well as the other members.

Before I go on to counter each point, I want to define what being a fan or an ELF is for me. To me, being an ELF is to be someone who protects, loves and supports Super Junior. Being an ELF is never about manipulating the boys into doing what I want. The top priority is for the members to smile and be happy with our support. But as we can see, this petition is giving them much heartache.

The above passage I feel, is basically oozing with biased views, generalizations and the tone is too accusing to be regarded as a good clarification. Most of their replies are just too one-sided and dismissive as well as misleading by including many absurd analogy.

1. Speaking of consumers, fans like you are not the only consumers for SS5. Who are you to decide that we are a “minority”? If you can demand to SM to reduce Zhoumi and Henry’s appearances for Super Shows, I, as a consumer as well should also be able to demand from SM that I do not want their appearances to be reduced. I do not know that having value-added performances from Zhoumi and Henry would take away from the completeness of SS5. You go to Super Show to see a concert planned by Super Junior for ELF. What you see at SS5 is exactly what they want you to see so I don’t think that it was against the objective of you going to SS5. If you want to talk about ridiculous analogies, here is mine, its like you went to buy a bottle of orange juice but you are screaming at juicer because the oranges for being too sweet for your liking. It is not the juicer’s fault that you like sour oranges.

2. BTW, nice one calling people dense when you’re trying to “clarify” with this “announcement”. Once again, as much as you can refuse to accept Zhoumi and Henry’s talents, you are not to speak for the whole fandom. We are not forcing Zhoumi and Henry on you, but just seeking for you to speak and act with care and sensitivity towards these two artists who are also friends/brothers of the very people you are fans of.

3. A company cannot run without its staff. So naturally, when a company has made achievement, you cannot disregard the hard work of its staff.

4. Do you even know why the SJ members are hurt? It was because there are ELF who had to create this rift in the fandom. Who started this whole petition thing in the first place? Who put that dent there in the first place? Who caused SJ to be trapped between two groups of people that they love.

5. “PURE SAPPHIRE BLUE ELF”. Really, what gives you the right to act like you are better than other “non-pure” ELF who too have worked hard and contributed to the fandom. Are you saying that you are more worthy of being an ELF just because you spend more on SJ as compared to a poor ELF who spend only what she can afford on SJ. Do you know how ridiculous and snobby you sound?

6. Immediately accusing people of having a hidden agenda - okay… Actually this whole passage is nonsense no one can understand.

7. You claim to be focusing on protecting SJ members’ rights but is this what the Super Junior boys want? The Super Junior members have not said anything about this. Isn’t it too presumptuous of you to just barrel in just like that yelling about protecting SJ’s rights when they probably don’t even have a problem with sharing some stage time with Zhoumi and Henry.. Please keep in mind that the SJ members planned this Super Show and including Zhoumi and Henry is a decision made by the SJ members themselves. What you are doing is pretty much redundant.

8. Times have changed, back then, Super Junior was a small group known mostly to K-ELF. Back then, SM entertainment was trying to promote Super Junior to the masses, back then, SM entertainment was not this big a company, that was why they had to give in to K-ELF back then. Right now, Super Junior has gone global, the percentage of ELF in each country has changed. So think again. Once again you are stuck in the past. I am glad that pioneer K-ELF have helped made sure Super Junior is a permanent group, but things are not up to you now. And please, stop riding on the glorious history of the pioneer K-ELF, just because you are trying to perpetuate their efforts does not make you someone of a higher class than us.

9. Dismissive answer, not valid. BTW, blowing up means exaggerating the problem to make it seem bigger. I didn’t know that blowing up at a bigger scale makes it illegal. Of course unless you’re blowing up buildings or something. =.= And it is TRUE that you guys are blowing things up - will explain in the next point.

10. So far I have been more aggressiveness from you guys than from any Henry or Zhoumi fan. Personally I want to slap both stubborn only13 fans AND those who blame Hyukjae for saying that Henry and Zhoumi are only members of SJM. Zhoumi and Henry did not ask to share in Super Junior’s success. The reason why “ABC” fans are suggesting things like how Zhoumi and Henry could be added into Super Junior is because fans see the talents of Zhoumi and Henry and felt that they could benefit Super Junior with their addition. Do note that ABC fans do know that chances of that are slim and though there are thoughts about it, we do not do presumptuous things like forming petitions to create such unhappiness in the fandom. For me, IF Super Junior is fine with Zhoumi and Henry joining, I am fine too. The difference between me and you, is that I do not assume what is best for Super Junior. I want to let them make decisions that would benefit themselves but it seems like people like you are pushing them to the corner, forcing them to do what YOU think is the best for them.

11. Are you telling me that IF Zhoumi and Henry join SJ, Super Junior will lose many K and C ELF? Then tell me what kind of ELF are you then to abandon SJ just because new members are added. Just. Think. About. It. Just like how you said that defining the line between SJ and SJM will not affect the number of fans in the fandom, adding them in shouldn’t affect the number either (except maybe add on to the fandom),unless of course you LOVE SJ so much that you’d leave them the moment any additional members are added. The way you spoke so lowly of foreign fans just irks me.

12. STOP acting like all C-ELF and K-ELF have been there since 05. Are you saying that we are mistresses just because we were not with Super Junior since the start? As Siwon once said, it doesn’t matter that you were not with them in the beginning but that you’re with them til the end. (And since you can threaten to leave the fandom should there be a reshuffling of members then well I guess you wouldn’t be the ones who matter eventually? - Sorry just using your own logic on you). What the hell is with that analogy anyway? Just because there will not be a significant loss of foreign fans by drawing the boundaries does not mean that what you have done have not upset many fans as well as the members themselves. Once again I see you guys acting selfishly just because you feel that your ideals are challenged. Your so called ABC fans are not angry because you guys wish to keep the status quo, I am angry because you did it in such a selfish manner, disregarding the feelings of the members as well as Zhoumi and Henry. I am angry because you treat us like 2nd class ELF and that the words you used against us belittle our efforts and ostracized us just because we do not approve of your actions.

13.You are not Zhoumi, Henry or the other SJ members. You’re getting too presumptuous here aren’t you?

15.Yay kudos for trying to fight for nothing in particular.

16.Please remember that Henry and Zhoumi will forever have a closer, relationship with Super Junior. Please know your place as a fan. You demanding too much. As Hyuk has already said, they want Henry and Zhoumi to be on stage with them because they hate seeing how lonely they look back stage just waiting for that 1-2 performances that they are part of. They know that this is the only outlet where Henry and Zhoumi could interact with their fans at a concert setting. Rather than seeing that the Super Junior are the kind, sweet boys that they are, you chose to disregard all those and ask them to “respect your views”. How about YOU respect their views first as to how they run their own concert and respect their decisions for the concert.

17. SJ themselves will decide their priorities themselves. All your fears of members losing their positions in the group when they return from national service are unfounded and I do not know where you base your fears on. The decision of leaving Super Junior is made by Hangeng himself. Kangin left for army under unhappy circumstances but he is still back. With what Super Junior has established so far, do you think SM will stop any member from coming back? If any one should be replaced, it would only be because the members themselves chose to leave. I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill over Henry and Zhoumi performing during Super Show.

18. Are you telling me that Lee Hyuk Jae is a puppet of SM entertainment. Please give that guy you claim to love some credit and stop insulting him. Judging from SM’s way of doing things, do you think they would even give a fuck about a group of ELF causing unrest in the fandom? They are known to keep quiet and ignore and sweep things under the carpet. What more, this is only fandom business, do you think SM will step in just to reassure some insecure fans? Please, give SJ some credit. They have assured you that your fears are unfounded so why are you acting so paranoid? All you are doing is adding more stress to the boys. If you can’t even trust your idol, then what is the point of you still calling yourself ELF?

19. If you truly know the idea of “humans are not products” you’d not refer to them as coffee with sugar. You’d not harp on you being the consumer and that they should satisfy you. Other than that, I don’t see a point of saying any more for this.

20.At this point I am already wondering why I am doing this. First of all many the questions that this “organisation” of ELF picked to answer are irrelevant to the main problem at hand. Just a note that many of us like both SJ AND Zhoumi and Henry. No one was complaining about Zhoumi’s and Henry’s small number appearances in Super Show. Many supporters of Zhoumi and Henry are happy with whatever we can get. What you see are only a very small minority of Zhoumi and Henry fans who are demanding more appearance time for them and you are overreacting to this small minority.

21. Sorry, not sorry. For someone who basically just write off other ELF, belittled others in the same fandom just because you feel that they don’t buy as many albums as you do, basically called people dense, dismissed and ostracized other ELF, you have no right to talk about twisting facts, putting words in peoples’ mouths nor morality.

Last but not least, we can’t stop you from sending in your petition nor are we going to take away your right to but we have the right to speak up about how we feel about this. Even Pure ELF deserve a tongue lashing when your words and actions have hurt other ELF and SJ. You are not any better than those you called ABC, generic, mistresses. GET THIS IN YOUR MIND. To Super Junior, any person present at their concert, any person willing to hold on to that sapphire blue light stick or balloon is seen as an ELF. WE ARE ALL EQUAL.

If this passage was written and published only by one ELF, I will respect it as her own opinion(one that sucks nevertheless) but because this was published with the agreement from SJ Bar admins, as well as translated in to various languages and reposted on many portals of ELF who are part of the petition, I will take it to mean that this is more or less the general consensus of what these people think or at least what they agree with and I have a big problem with that.

Are you telling me that after years of fighting shoulder to shoulder to help Super Junior achieve what they have achieved today, you are now telling us that we are only ABC fans whose efforts are just a minority compared to you mighty C-ELF/K-ELF? To the point of calling us the “mistress”. Are you telling me that you are just basically attributing Super Junior’s successes to you mighty C-ELF/K-ELF? That you are the only ones trying to protect Super Junior and their welfare. When protection is not wanted, it is only a hinderance.

Nothing has changed from the past, Super Junior is still 13 minus whoever who left. Zhoumi and Henry are members of Super Junior M and not Super Junior. Lee Hyukjae has made this clear. But instead of trusting him like a fan should, you chose to go on with being paranoid and insecure.

Instead of trusting Super Junior to make their own decisions regarding their own concert, you selfishly force your ideas onto them, basically forced them to fit into the small rigid box that you drew up for them, and threatening them emotionally, forcing them to choose between their friends and you.

Why i am so pissed off is because this group of people time and time again refused to believe when SJ said again and again that Zhoumi and Henry will never be part of the offcial SJ line up. Its like they are purposely forcing SJ to keep reassuring them like insecure girlfriends. What, does it make you happy that Zhoumi and Henry will get to hear these from their friends’ mouths each time you are feeling insecure? Selfish bitches have you ever thought about how they would have felt? (oh wait you’re so into your own world where the universe revolves around you that you’d not care about anyone other than yourself) I am not even asking you to like or accept Zhoumi and Henry. I just want you to be more careful of the words you say about them and think before you act if your actions might hurt them. Is it not basic human courtesy?

I feel that ELF should move on from the past. Yes, it was because of the pioneer k-elf that we are able to have the Super Junior that we see today but the only13 ideals have brought much unhappiness and unrest in this fandom for too long and most of the time, it is always the so called “Pure” fans who are triggering the whole argument just because they felt that their “pure”-ness is being threatened. And this is getting really sickening

We will never know what the future holds, but as an ELF I am prepared to accept whatever decisions the Super Junior members feel is best. Because trusting them is the least I could do as an ELF.

P.S. Dear C-ELF, you may go petition not to have Zhoumi and Henry perform too much in YOUR Super Show 5 but please don’t make decisions for other so called foreign ELF. For all you know, we are totally fine with the number of Zhoumi and Henry appearances right now.

And that was my 2 cents on this whole fuckery. If you have any problems with my post, discussion might be available only if you reply in a civil tone, subject to my discretion, or if I see that what you have to say is worth replying to.

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So this is bascally the situation in ELFdom now:

Hyukjae: Zhoumi and Henry are not official members of SJ and will not be joining us for official activities. Zhoumi and Henry and official members of SJM.
ABC ELF: Shut up, you already got what you want! Hyuk came out to confirm the boundary what more do you want?
United_ELF: NO! WE WANT THE BOUNDARY OF SJ AND SJM TO BE CLEAR!!!! SM was just making use of Hyuk to shut us up they gonna slowly graft Zhoumi and Henry into SJ.

Do you know how fucking ridiculous you guys look? There was nothing for you to fight for in the first place you paranoid goblins! Its all in your mind.